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Photovoltaic System Batteries

Since 1925, the American Company "Trojan Battery" has been the world's leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries. Delivering superior power for any golf, renewable energy, floor machine, aerial work platform, marine or recreational vehicle application, Trojan offers the most reliable deep-cycle battery products available today.

Trojan's advanced battery designs are long-lasting, clean and built to withstand the challenges of harsh environments and rough terrain. All of Trojan's products are backed by outstanding technical support and customer service. With over 90 years of experience Trojan products are truly powering the planet.
Brand: Trojan Model: TROJAN 31GEL
Battery Fotovoltaic Trojan  31GEL 102AH (C20)LxWxH- 329mm x 171mm x 218mm..
Brand: Trojan Model: TROJAN J305P-AC
Battery Fotovoltaic Trojan  J305P-AC 330AH (C20) LxWxH-295mm x 178mm x 343/366mm..
Brand: Trojan Model: Trojan 24-AGM 12V
Battery Fotovoltaic Trojan 24-AGM 12V 76ΑΗ (C20)LxWxH- 274mm x 174mm x 203/220mm..
Brand: Trojan Model: Trojan 24GEL 12V
Battery Fotovoltaic Trojan 24GEL 12V 77ΑΗ (C20)LxWxH-276mm x 171mm x 206/235mm..
Brand: Trojan Model: TROJAN 24TMX
Battery Fotovoltaic Trojan 24TMX LxWxH- 286mm x 171mm x 248mm..
Brand: Trojan Model: Trojan 27-AGM 12V
Battery Fotovoltaic Trojan 27-AGM 12V 89ΑΗ (C20)LxWxH-318mm x 174mm 203/221mm..
Brand: Trojan Model: Trojan 27GEL 12V
Battery Fotovoltaic Trojan 27GEL 12V 91ΑΗ (C20)LxWxH-324mm x 171mm x 206/235mm..
Brand: Trojan Model: TROJAN 27TMX
Battery Fotovoltaic Trojan 27TMX LxWxH- 324mm x 171mm x 248mm..
Brand: Trojan Model: TROJAN 31-AGM
Battery Fotovoltaic Trojan 31-AGM 100AH (C20)LxWxH-341mm x 174mm x 233mm..
Brand: Trojan Model: TROJAN 5SHP-GEL
Battery Fotovoltaic Trojan 5SHP-GEL 125AH (C20)LxWxH- 345mm x 171mm x 260/280mm..
Brand: Trojan Model: TROJAN 6V-GEL
Battery Fotovoltaic Trojan 6V-GEL 189AH (C20)LxWxH-260mm x 181mm x 246/275mm..
Brand: Trojan Model: TROJAN 8D- GEL
Battery Fotovoltaic Trojan 8D- GEL 225Αh (C20)LxWxH- 526mm x 278mm x 222/275mm ..
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