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Wipers Bosch

Wipers Bosch

Excellent cleaning performance of the windscreen thanks to the high-tech spring stripe

Uniform contact pressure, which ensures up to 30% longer life

The reduced surface area minimizes wind noise

Top-quality windscreen cleaning even when driving at high speeds

Better equipped for winter conditions as they prevent the formation of ice in the metal frame and joints

Brand: Bosch Model: Bosch ae34 350mm
Car Wiper Bosch AeroEco AE34 350mm..
Brand: Bosch Model: Bosch ae38 380mm
Car Wiper Bosch AeroEco AE38 380mm..
Brand: Bosch Model: bosch ae40 400mm
Car Wiper Bosch AeroEco AE40 400mm..
Brand: Bosch Model: 450mm-bosch-car-wiper
Car Wiper Bosch AeroEco AE45 450mm..
Brand: Bosch Model: 470mm bosch car wiper
Car Wiper Bosch AeroEco AE48 470mm..
Brand: Bosch Model: 500mm bosch υαλοκαθαριστήρας
Car Wiper Bosch AeroEco AE50 500mm..
Brand: Bosch Model: bosch ae70 700mm
Car Wiper Bosch AeroEco AE70 700mm..
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