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Booster-Lithium Jump Starter

Noco Genius Lithium jump starter - Booster 

Up to 20 engine starts with one charge.

Anti-scintillation technology, with reverse polarity protection.

Built-in LED flashlight and emergency light.

It charges mobile phones, laptops, tablets. 4 full recharged devices on a single charge!

Brand: Noco Model: Θήκη Noco GBC013
 Noco GBC013 Protective Case for NOCO GB20 Boost and GB40 Boost Vehicle Starter..
Brand: Noco Model: Noco Genius GB150
Starter Noco Genius GB150 4000Α (22500 Joules)..
Brand: Noco Model: Noco Genius GB20
Starter Noco Genius GB20 400Α (4650 Joules)..
Brand: Noco Model: Noco Genius GB40
Starter Noco Genius GB40 1000Α (7000 Joules)..
Brand: Noco Model: Noco Genius GB500
Starter Noco Genius GB500 Boost Max 20000A..
Brand: Noco Model: Noco Genius GB70
Starter Noco Genius GB70 2000Α (15700 Joules)..
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