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Battery Charger NOCO GENIUS

Battery charger NOCO GENIUS

Fully automatic. Anti-scintillating technology, fully waterproof. Charging and maintenance of batteries, restore damaged, multiple charging levels. Integrated short circuited battery detection program. Safe charging with overcharging protection software. 
It charges Start Up batteries, AGM, GEL, Lithium.

Brand: Noco Model: Noco Genius G1100
Charger Noco Genius G1100 1,1Α 6-12 volt..
Brand: Noco Model: Noco Genius G15000
Charger Noco Genius G15000 15A 12-24 volt..
Brand: Noco Model: Noco Genius G26000
Charger Noco Genius G26000 26A 12-24 volt..
Brand: Noco Model: Noco Genius G3500
Charger Noco Genius G3500 3.5A 6-12 volt..
Brand: Noco Model: Noco Genius G7200
Charger Noco Genius G7200 7.2A 12-24 volt..
Brand: Noco Model: Θήκη Noco GBC017
Noco GBC017 Protective Case for NOCO GB50 Boost Vehicle Starter..
Brand: Noco Model: Noco Genius XL GB50
Starter Noco Genius XL GB50 1500Α ..
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