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E-Nex Marine

TSERKEZIDIS BATTERIES offers a wide range of batteries for each vessel type and for each type of application BATTERIES for Starting the engine - Dual Purpose - Deep Cycle & Start-up!

Brand: Enex Model: E-Nex DC24MF
Battery Marine & RV E-NEX DC24MF 12V 80Ah-680A 257x172x200-(220)..
Brand: Enex Model: E-NEX DC27MF
Battery Marine & RV E-NEX DC27MF 12V 90Ah-750A 302x172x200-(220)..
Brand: Enex Model: E-NEX DC31MF
Battery Marine & RV E-NEX DC31MF 12V 100Ah-800A 330x172x218-(242)..
Brand: Enex Model: E-NEX XDC24MF
Battery Marine & RV E-NEX XDC24MF 12V 80Ah-500A 257x172x200-(220)..
Brand: Enex Model: E-NEX XDC27MF
Battery Marine & RV E-NEX XDC27MF 12V 90Ah-600A 302x172x200-(220)..
Brand: Enex Model: E-NEX XDC31MF
Battery Marine & RV E-NEX XDC31MF 12V 100Ah-650A  330x172x218-(242)..
Brand: Enex Model: E-NEX XV31MF
Battery Marine & RV E-NEX XV31MF 12V 100Ah-1000A 330x172x218-(242)..
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